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Looking for a logo or flyer for your business?

Then you’ve found the right place. Let me help you establish or refresh your brand. I specialize in freelance graphic design in Fresno.

It is my goal to keep the costs down for you over an agency. Please keep scrolling to check out my portfolio below and give me a call to get a free quote on your project.

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Why hire a designer local to Fresno?

By hiring a local designer in Fresno, it gives you
the ability to have a direct one on one relationship with a local designer. Where you can meet one on one at a coffee shop and discuss ideas and narrow in the design for your brand or organization. There are many digital agencies on the internet but you don’t get to build a one on one relationship. Plus by hiring a freelance designer it will save you money in the long run over a design agency.

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How our design process works:

Step 1 - Design Consultation

We speak on the phone or meeting at a local coffee shop to discuss what you need to be designed.


Step 2 - Contract and Downpayment

I deliver a contract with the terms and you sign and pay a 50% downpayment.

Step 3 - Design & Revisions

I develop a number of design options from your brand or envisioned brand. I then design your logo, flyers, banners, trade show materials, or other design according to your brand. We then go through a revision process until you are happy.

Step 4 - Final Payment and You receive Design Files or Printed Material

Final 50% payment and sending of print files and/or printed materials.

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